Recruitment Steps

Our rules for the candidate

In order to complete your application, please consider all steps.

1. The video presentation must be made vertically, the passport series must be presented in English, after that the candidate’s abilities must be clearly seen in the video.

2. The candidate must fit perfectly for the checked job. After the candidate successfully applies and completes the pre-recruitment process, the next steps will be:

3. Selection of candidates by our specialist in Human Resources.

4. Online interview with the candidate.

5. Presentation of the candidate for the selection of the employer.

6. Selection by the employer.

7. Contract signed between the employee and One Staff (consultancy contract & recruitment contract).

8. Obtain the PCC ( Criminal Record). 

9. Email notification with the necessary documents to obtain a work permit (candidate’s picture with size 4×5, copy of passport and PCC) will be sent to us.

10. Our fee is 1200$. The candidates will pay online by card, after we send the bill. Payment will be done in 2 installments.

11. Payment of the advance of  360$ will be made after you’ve been selected by the employer, sending the required documents aboved mentioned and  starting the online procedure  for work permit application.

12. Obtaining the work permit (it could take up to 1-2 months).

13. Payment of the second installment of  840$, for consulting services in order to obtain the work permit. Payment will be done after you get a copy of the wp.

14. We will send you all the documents  by DHL in order to obtain the work visa (work permit, work contract, employment offer and letter of guarantee for the consulate).

15. Obtaining a visa and booking a flight (you will receive legal assistance from our company lawyer).

16. Each candidate will pay for his own health insurance, for obtaining the visa and for his flying ticket. We can offer support for best price of the flying ticket. 

17. Arrival in Romania.

Once in Romania, the future employee will be picked up from Otopeni Airport in Bucharest by a representative of the employer.

Throughout the contract, our company will monitor the smooth running of the employment contract for both the employee and the employer

Important NOTE for Bangladeshi citizens

Due to the restrictions in obtaining work permits and work visas, candidates with Bangladeshi citizenship are not selected. We apologize for this inconvenience.